The Road Less Travelled – A Journey of Legacy and Financial Freedom

The Long Commute

The Road Less Travelled

You, me and that guy you think has everything going for him – we all have one thing in common – we are all navigating through this wonderfully crazy journey called life! Once the arm bands of education come off – we are forced into a world that we are massively unprepared for.

We are told we are in control of our future. The opposite is often the reality – where we offer our resources and security to a corporation – becoming a number on a page, a cog in a much larger machine, living from pay check to pay check for 40+ years.

I seek to break away from the norm that has become ingrained within our society through the pursuit of financial freedom – and with it – the ability to truly become the pilot of my own destiny. Join me as I attempt to achieve “financial freedom” and hopefully provide you with all the resources you need to do the same – something tells me its going to be a long commute – so grab your ticket and let’s go!


A crucial stepping stone to financial freedom! All you need to know about starting a side hustle. Jobs, start-ups and life hacks – find them all here! 


Whether you are looking to save that crucial emergency fund or looking to get out of debt – this is the right resource for you! Take your saving to the next level! 


So now you have that emergency fund and your debt free – what next? Investing will become your one way ticket to financial freedom. So what are you waiting for – next stop – financial freedom!